Successful Public Speaking

A four week workshop designed for business professionals who need to develop their public speaking skills so they can speak confidently at their next meeting or presentation. Learn the skills for effective public speaking and simultaneously develop confidence. 

Enrolment is now open for our next Four Week Workshop starting 29th October! We accept only a handful of students on each workshop

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A unique workshop that combines self paced learning, practical exercises, and group coaching to enable students to master public speaking in four short weeks

Mark Kyte

Quickly Identify Strengths and Weaknesses

Discover where presentation skills can be improved

  • Video Lessons

    20 Video Lessons teaching you the skills you need to develop your public speaking skills. Each lesson breaks down the skills and teaches you how to apply each skill to your presentations

  • Practical Exercises

    Each week a new project will be made available for you to practise and develop the skills taught that week. Submit your projects for peer review to get feedback from your peers and your instructor!

  • Group Coaching

    Weekly group coaching sessions. Join your instructor each week for a group coaching session where you can ask questions, get feedback on your projects, and get direct coaching.

Here's What You'll Achieve When You Complete the Successful Public Speaking Workshop

Key Components

  • Understand why people fear public speaking and how to overcome those fears
  • Audience engagement and Analysis techniques
  • How to utilise body language, gestures, eye contact, and silence to enhance your presentation
  • Build rapport with the audience before the presentation and manage nerves
  • Effective closing strategies to achieve the desired outcome for the presentation
  • How to prepare appropriate PowerPoint Presentations
  • Receive personal feedback from a Public Speaking Skills University coach on four presentations

The Results

  • Increased confidence when speaking to colleagues or clients
  • Specific techniques to manage nerves
  • Deliver focussed and effective presentations in a professional manner
  • Understand the various speech structures and select the appropriate structure to achieve the presentation purpose
  • Use Body, Voice, and Hand Gestures to enhance your presentation delivery
  • Understand non verbal messages and how to use them to your advantage
  • Tools to develop and deliver future business presentations
  • Increased effectiveness in meetings and business presentations

Nerida's Public Speaking Skills University Story

You are a generous and inspiring speaker. Thanks again for sharing your talents and knowledge with us. We hope we get the opportunity to work with you on future events.

- Nerida Ayers, TAFE NSW
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Workshop Overview

A week by week breakdown to improving your public speaking skills

  • Week 1 - Preparation and Speech Structure

    Master the various speech structures and proper preparation techniques. For any presentation to be effective the presenter must be clear on their purpose and who they are presenting too. They can then use this information to identify the optimal structure for their presentation. In week one we focus our efforts on ensuring we are preparing our presentations correctly. What you receive… On Demand Videos 1 Group Coaching Session (Oct 22nd) 1 Practical Assignment with personalised feedback

  • Week 2 - Vocal Skills

    Utilising your voice appropriately is an essential skill. It is not just what we say, it is how we say it! This week we focus on the various aspects of vocal delivery so that you can master and control your pitch, rate, and tone to enhance your presentation.

    What you receive…

    On Demand Videos
    1 Group Coaching Session (October 29th)
    1 Practical Assignment with personalised feedback

  • Week 3 - Gestures

    Consciously or unconsciously our body is communicating more to our audience than we realise. The focus of week three is to examine how we can utilise gestures in our presentations to enhance the presentation.

    What you receive…

    On Demand Videos
    1 Group Coaching Session (Nov 5th)
    1 Practical Assignment with personalised feedback

  • Week 4 - Language and Visual Aids

    We touch on language skills for business presentations and discuss Power Words that will enable you to present a more professional presentation. And, no business presentation course, can escape visual aids and PowerPoint. We touch upon the guidelines for the appropriate use of PowerPoint and techniques for delivering a presentation with visual aids.

    What you receive…

    On Demand Videos
    1 Group Coaching Session (Nov 12th)
    1 Practical Assignment with personalised feedback
    1 BONUS group Coaching Session (Nov 19th)

Enrol Now$347

Just A Few Of The Powerful Features Of this Workshop

These all come as part of the package

1 - Learn at a time that suits you

All of the projects are designed to be seamlessly integrated with your day to day activities. And, with the ability to view the online lessons and group coaching sessions at a time that suits you - the impact on your "day job" is minimal

2 - Real World Experience

Because your project work is completed in the "real world" you can have complete confidence that your skills have truely developed. Whilst other workshops contain practical components - none offer the opportunity to practise your public speaking and receive feedback on REAL presentations

3 - Individual Feedback

Your course instructor will provide you personalised feedback on your presentations so that you can focus your time and effort on mastering the skills you are needing to improve most of all.

4 - Twelve Month Access

Just because the workshop has finished it does not mean your learning has to stop. Students get unrestricted access to the video lessons and the recording of the group coaching sessions for twelve months after the workshop has finished allowing them the opportunity to continually refine their skills.

5 - No Travel Costs

Because the workshop is conducted entirely online there is no travel, accommodation, and meal expenses for you or your team members.

Demi's Public Speaking Skills University Story

 Mark has been an amazing coach.

 He actively listens, provide constructive feedback though his professionalism which helped me achieved my goal and helped me build my confident with public speaking . Mark always willing to help even outside the coaching time throughout the course. Thank you for your supportive and excellent coaching.

 I highly recommend !!!!

- Demi Pimprasran, Allianz Australia
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Your purchase is 100% Risk Free.  If you're not happy with the service or training you receive from the Public Speaking Skills University for any reason, simply let our friendly support team know and we'll happily refund your money.

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  • Guaranteed seat on the course (because of the interactive nature spots are limited)
  • Access to the private Public Speaking Skills Student Alumni Group
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Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

  • Q.Do I have to complete the projects?

    A.Each week you will receive the lessons and the invitation to the group coaching call. However for you to get the most out of the workshop we actively encourage students to complete the projects each week.

  • Q.Can I complete two (or more) projects in a week?

    A.Yes, if for example, you have been unwell at unable to complete your projects in their allocated weeks you can catch up by completing multiple projects in a week. However we do encourage you to keep in contact with the course instructor to get the feedback from one project before starting the next project (to maximise your skill development).

  • Q.I am nervous about presenting to an audience at work - can I complete my projects by presenting to my webcam only?

    A.We set no minimum audience requirements for each project. However the closer you make the projects to a real life situation the greater the benefit for you.

  • Q.How do you review the presentations?

    A.We ask each student to record their presentation on their smart phone or web cam and upload it to Youtube or Vimeo. We ask that students make the videos private so that only the instructor and other students on the course can view the presentation (in the private students group) to ensure only positive and constructive feedback is provided.

  • Q.What feedback will I receive?

    A.All the feedback provided by the instructor will be constructive. Your instructor will share all the strengths you have and are displaying in your public speaking, and provide you with areas that you can look to work on for your next presentation with specific tips and advice to help you. In conjunction to the video feedback on your presentation you can also gain practise and immediate feedback on specific skills in the live coaching sessions

  • Q.How do I access the Group Coaching Sessions?

    A.When you register for the workshop you will receive a unique login to the students area. You will be able to access all course material and lessons in the student area – this includes the Group Coaching Session.  The relevant links and any additional information you need will be provided there for you, and you will also receive the links via email.