Learn how to confidently deliver interesting and informative presentations!

In 3 1/2 Hours you will start delivering technical presentations that make you stand out in the technical community as someone who knows their stuff and can present it confidently too!

From The Desk Of  Mark Kyte
-Sydney, Australia

Dear Technical Friend, Engineer, Developer, Architect, and Project Manager,

Are you looking to improve your presentation skills? Engineers and Technical specialists have a reputation for delivering dull and uninteresting presentations. It doesn’t need to be this way! You can be someone who impresses your colleagues and clients with your ability to deliver GREAT presentations!

You can learn a methodology that will enable you to deliver interesting technical presentations that demonstrate your expertise and keep your audiences interested and informed.


Talk your way to the top

You might be in the early stages of your career  but you need to ensure you stand out as a potential leader today. Employers today want technical specialists who can code and COMMUNICATE. The level of success you experience in your career will be directly proportional to your ability to communicate your ideas to colleagues, clients, and SENIOR MANAGEMENT!

When deliver stand out presentations you will be noticed by your managers and you will be promoted!

I was once a struggling developer...

Early in my career I didn't believe I needed to any presentation skills. At university, after I completed the presentation for a major assignment, a lecturer told my presentation skills "Sucked!" and I should invest in myself and get better at public speaking.

I ignored the advice and went into the workforce with poor presentation skills. I managed to find a role as a software developer. And, for several years I was happy, until I wanted to progress to the next level in my career. But every promotion I applied for was unsuccessful...

Finally I invested in myself and improved my public speaking skills. At work colleagues started to listen as I spoke up in meetings. Management started to take notice as I took the lead role in projects and presented ideas for them to invest in. And the promotions started to come.

In a short space of time I progressed higher up the career ladder and my income rose with it... Because, I believe, I improved my presentation skills, and started communicating my worth!

I've studied the Worlds Best Speakers

After my first public speaking course in 2002 I realised how much I needed to learn and master. Since then I've studied all of the worlds best speakers. I've analysed their best speeches to see what works, what doesn't work, and determine how I could apply it to my speeches.


I've taken everything that I have learnt over the past twelve years and packaged it into a methodology that tcan be used to prepare and deliver great technical presentations.

What are the benefits of this course?

  • Benefit 1 - A methodology you can use to prepare your very next presentation
  • Benefit 2 - Questions you need to answer to ensure you have analysed your audience appropriately
  • Benefit 3 - How to select the right structure for your presentation
  • Benefit 4 - Learn the effective techniques to use your eyes and voice to deliver your message
  • Benefit 5 - Techniques to get the attention of your audience in the first thirty seconds
  • Benefit 6 - Power Words you can use to enhance your presentation
  • Benefit 7 - How to overcome any pre-presentation nerves
  • Benefit 8 - Learn how to deliver a presentation effectively with PowerPoint
  • Benefit 9 - What you should be doing fifteen minutes before you start your presentation to maximise your chances of success!
  • Plus more...

Key features

Available 24 Hours a day. 7 days a week!

No matter where you are this course is available for you to study online at any time!

Any device

View the course on any device. Laptop, tablet, mobile phone. No matter where you are, or what you are doing you can access the course material and videos.

Modularised Lessons

Individual modules with detailed explanations enabling to concentrate your studies to the areas that you are most interested in learning.


Satisfaction Guarantee

We realise that buying any product on the Internet is a tough decision. I respect that your money is hard earned so we are putting ALL the risk on Public Speaking Skills University! If you are not satisfied with my training or it doesn’t live up to your expectations just contact the Public Speaking Skills University within 30 days using the email under the Support tab. We’ll refund you 100% of the fee within 24 hours, no questions asked, no hard feelings!


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