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The Power of Consistency when Speaking

I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to present a workshop on how to make technical presentations interesting for the audience and the speaker last weekend. It was a great session, and I received lots of positive feedback – which is always nice. However, at the end of the Q&A period I received a slightly…

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Five young business people applauding

Putting life in your presentations

One of my biggest recommendations to clients is to refresh their view of PowerPoint. Too often it is used as a speech-writing tool. The result is the text heavy slides that hypnotise the presenter as they read EVERY word that is on the slide.   You know the presentations I’m referring to. They are traditional…

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Man on ipad

Improve your Public Speaking by applying these lessons from Apple

Apple keynote presentations and product launches are some of the best presentations in the world. They exhibit the best public speaking skills and techniques available. In this short video I share that those best techniques are, and how you can apply them so you improve your public speaking skills….

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How to Present Graphs and Tables in PowerPoint

Graphs and tables of table are often some of the worst presented information in a PowerPoint presentation. It is not uncommon to see graphs that are hard to read or understand and tables that contain too much information – making them impossible for an audience to digest. This is a waste! Graphs and tables are meant…

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radio studio broadcast-boom

DJ’s, Techincal Issues, and your presentation

This morning I dropped my daughter at school and was driving to the office. I had the radio on, listening to the second largest breakfast radio show in Sydney. The presenters (Jonesy and Amanda) were talking away (as radio dj’s tend to do too frequently) and were about to play a Michael Jackson song. Unfortunately, for them, there was a technical “glitch” and their computers froze and the music wouldn’t play…

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