Packaging your Presentation

When the iPad was launched Steve Jobs spent countless hours fussing over the details. Not only the details of the iPad but also the details of the packaging of the iPad. He wanted to ensure that the customer enjoyed the experience of buying Apple products from the moment they lifted the box off the shelf, through taking the iPad out of the box, to using the device.

You can leverage the lessons from Apple to package your presentations to ensure your audience enjoys the experience of your presentation. There are three elements to packaging a presentation; they are your appearance, your slides, and your delivery.

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5 reasons you need great presentation skills

In almost every job description there is the requirement that the person filling the role must have “excellent communication skills”. Unfortunately in many cases the communication skills of the employee are average at best – it is the reason why there are so many courses and books on improving your public speaking and presentation skills.

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How to develop Executive Presence

Many leaders look to improve their public speaking skills in order to develop Executive Presence. The successful senior leaders in most organisations have a presence about themselves. When they stand in front of a room, they command respect even before speaking.

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Business Meeting

How can leaders better inspire an audience

For any leader, public speaking is about the art of inspiration. The higher you climb up the career ladder the greater your ability to move and inspire groups of people needs to be. Yet too many visionaries of business, government, and technology fail to embody THE key leadership skill: selling their vision while moving an…

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Five Tips to reduce your Fear of Public Speaking

It is often quoted that people fear speaking in public more than they fear death…. While there’s an obvious exaggeration in the quote, there is also some truth to it. Not many people actually ENJOY the act of delivering a speech in public. If you do feel uncomfortable speaking in public you can reduce your…

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Structures used by the great Communicators

For your audience to effectively understand your message you need to ensure that your speech is structured in such a way that your audience can digest what you are saying. In the video below, Nancy Duarte, the author of Slide:ology describes the speech structures utilised by the worlds best communicators. Enjoy! How will you use…

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The Art of Communication

How well do you really communicate with your audience? Communicating with an audience is more than delivering a coherent speech. To communicate effectively your need to understand how your audience absorbs information.   There are four different ways that audience members assimilate information.  They are:  visual, auditory, auditory digital, and kinaesthetic.  While the members of…

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The Power of One… Word

Words hurt, heal, motivate, and aggravate. They are powerful. They control emotions and can even control a person physically. It is often said that a picture is worth a thousand words… But how accurate is that?   I believe a well-chosen word in a speech can be worth a thousand pictures.   Your words are power.…

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What one World Champ taught another!

Around the world there are thousands of competitors who are beginning the journey that they hope will lead them to Malaysia in August. The reason? The World Championship of Public Speaking. Each year competitors have just five to seven minutes to move an audience. To say anything meaningful in just seven minutes takes skill and…

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How to determine your speaking rate

The rate at which you speak influences the effectiveness of your presentation. Too fast or too slow and your ability to influence your audience is compromised.  The question is – how fast are you speaking? Once you know how fast you are speaking you have the ability to determine how many words you need to…

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