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Improve your Public Speaking by applying these lessons from Apple

Apple keynote presentations and product launches are some of the best presentations in the world. They exhibit the best public speaking skills and techniques available. In this short video I share that those best techniques are, and how you can apply them so you improve your public speaking skills….

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Audience Questions

Identifying your Audience

The key to successfully communicating a message to an audience is to understand who the audience is. Without knowing who you are presenting to and what they are interested in you have little chance of success. This short entry outlines the Who, Why and Whats you need to know to effectively prepare your next presentation.

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RIP Robin Williams – Lessons from the GREAT Comedian

Hearing the news of Robin Williams untimely passing yesterday was very sad. It is a mark of the man than TV networks broke into their regular programming to announce that Robin Williams was dead.

Robin had a special ability to make so many people laugh and smile. Through his comedy he made many peoples lives happier with his comedy. It was an art that he practised and perfected constantly. He never relied on natural talent alone, he was an artist who worked at perfecting his craft. Within the industry he was known as one of THE hardest working comedians, constantly practising and refining his jokes at comedy clubs before they would go anywhere near the “big stage”.

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5 Favourite Public Speaking World Champion Speeches

The final World Championship of Public Speaking takes place on the 23rd August. Its the conclusion of the annual “Oratatory Olympics” for the 25,000 Toastmasters who enter each year. Below are the speeches of my five favourite winners from the past 15 years.   To reach the final each speaker has progressed through six competitions…

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What you can learn from the Big Bang Cast to get a pay rise

News outlets are reporting that the three lead characters of the hit show “The Big Bang Theory” have each received a pay rise to $1 million each per episode! That’s good (no GREAT) money if you can get it! They had threatened to go on strike if they didn’t get a suitable pay rise.  …

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How to Present Graphs and Tables in PowerPoint

Graphs and tables of table are often some of the worst presented information in a PowerPoint presentation. It is not uncommon to see graphs that are hard to read or understand and tables that contain too much information – making them impossible for an audience to digest. This is a waste! Graphs and tables are meant…

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Learn Public Speaking with these 4 lessons from Twitter

Want to know how Twitter can help you improve your Public Speaking Skills? Check out this video to find out more… Add your comments below. We love to hear your feedbaack.

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World Cup 2

Improve your Public Speaking Skills with these lessons from the World Cup

Want to improve your public speaking skills? See how the lessons learnt from the World Cup can help you become a better public speaker.

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Statistics in a presentation

How to incorporate statistics in your sales presentation

Seamless incorporating statistics into a presentation is easier said than done. Often the result is a presentation that confuses and confounds an audience. In the video below Mark shares some simple public speaking tips that will enable you to add statistics to sell your ideas whilst keeping your audience interested and awake!

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radio studio broadcast-boom

DJ’s, Techincal Issues, and your presentation

This morning I dropped my daughter at school and was driving to the office. I had the radio on, listening to the second largest breakfast radio show in Sydney. The presenters (Jonesy and Amanda) were talking away (as radio dj’s tend to do too frequently) and were about to play a Michael Jackson song. Unfortunately, for them, there was a technical “glitch” and their computers froze and the music wouldn’t play…

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