What one World Champ taught another!

Around the world there are thousands of competitors who are beginning the journey that they hope will lead them to Malaysia in August. The reason? The World Championship of Public Speaking.
Each year competitors have just five to seven minutes to move an audience. To say anything meaningful in just seven minutes takes skill and dedication! It is the true test of a speaker to hone and deliver a speech which is short on time but long on meaning.

Last year, Presiyan Vasilev, a native bulgarian, living in the United States, took out the title.

The Winning Speech


The Lessons

There are many things that can be learnt from Presiyan’s speech. But it is interesting to hear the public speaking lessons a previous world champion, Darren LaCroix learnt from Presiyan. There are some valuable lessons for everybody who wants to develop their public speaking skills.


What do you think of Presiyan’s speech? How will you apply the lessons Darren has shared?

Mark Kyte
Mark Kyte is a public speaking mentor and founder of the Public Speaking Skills Academy. Mark loves helping clients achieve dynamic results that help them increase their influence and get more clients. Read more of his blog and if you like what you see check out the mentoring programs.