Father of the Bride Speech – What to say

A father of the bride speech is a speech is often an emotional speech remembered by the bride, the mother of the bride and by those who are attending the wedding for many years.


As a result it is crucial that the appropriate time and consideration is given to the speech to ensure it is remembered for the right reasons. The biggest challenge with a father of the bride speech in today’s society is to know what say, and what not to say.


The outline described below provides a structure and flow that you can utilise to easily prepare your father of the bride speech.


When the MC introduces you, mention during your opening lines that you are speaking on behalf of yourself and the mother of the bride. If you are a nervous speaker then add a small humorous line, such as “this is the first time in many years that I have been able to speak without my daughter interrupting me…. “. This early laugh will help settle any nerves you have and help you build a connection with your audience.


After your opening lines you should welcome everyone to the wedding, and make mention of those who would like to have attended but were unable to for various reasons. You should then thank the people that were involved in organising the wedding and putting on a great event for everyone to enjoy.


After completing the early formalities you can now start expressing the pride you have in your daughter. Spend a few moments publicly stating how wonderful she is, and what a fine woman she has grown into.


Next it is your opportunity to welcome the groom, and the grooms’ family. Take the time to share the positive feelings you have about the groom and his family and your excitement for the future that the bride and groom have to look forward too.


After welcoming the groom and his family you can spend some time in the speech sharing some stories of your daughters childhood. Look for memories that will reflect positively on your daughter. Using stories will deepen the connection between you and your audience, as they will, in most cases, recall the events you are describing and have their own memories that will be triggered as a result.


If the stories are humorous they will be more effective and enjoyable to everyone in the room.


Following this it is time to pay tribute to the brides mother and the outstanding job she has done bringing up your daughter and guiding her to become the women she is today.


This will enable you to seamlessly transition into some advice for the newly married couple. Share with them one or two nuggets of advice that they can utilise in their new life together. Again, this is an opportunity to leverage some stories from the brides up bringing to highlight the nuggets and make them enjoyable for everyone to listen too.


Finally you can conclude your father of the bride speech by leading the room in a toast wishing the happy couple lots of happiness for the


This simple structure will allow you to prepare and deliver a father of the bride speech that will be remembered fondly by your daughter, wife, and new son in law for years to come.

Mark Kyte
Mark Kyte is a public speaking mentor and founder of the Public Speaking Skills Academy. Mark loves helping clients achieve dynamic results that help them increase their influence and get more clients. Read more of his blog and if you like what you see check out the mentoring programs.