Perfect Recipe

Do you have the perfect recipe?

Is there such a thing as the perfect recipe for a speech? Based upon my nine year old daughters last night I don’t believe there is…. Let me explain.

It was my 15th wedding anniversary yesterday. I say mine – but obviously there are two of us in the relationship…. But my wife describes our wedding day as “her” wedding (despite the fact I was there!). So I figure its ok to describe a wedding anniversary as “my” wedding anniversary.


I digress. My daughter decided that she and her younger brother were going to make a cake for us as a gift. They grabbed a packet mix cake from the cupboard and proceeded to follow (rather loosely) the ingredients and the order in which they should be mixed. They also seemed to be on a mission to get the cake mixture into as many bowls and on as many walls as possible (but that’s a story for another day!).

The outcome – a cake!

Sure, it didn’t exactly resemble the picture on the box, but it still tasted great and more importantly it was made with love and passion.

What more could mum and dad ask for?

What’s the lesson for you here? Well, you will hear people tell you that your speeches, pitches, or presentations MUST follow a certain structure or you MUST deliver in a certain way. That is NOT TRUE. The first thing your audience wants from you is authenticity and passion when you are speaking to them. You leverage the processes (aka recipes) to maximise your chances of success but you must ensure that the main ingredient of passion is added first!


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Mark Kyte
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