5 Favourite Public Speaking World Champion Speeches

The final World Championship of Public Speaking takes place on the 23rd August. Its the conclusion of the annual “Oratatory Olympics” for the 25,000 Toastmasters who enter each year. Below are the speeches of my five favourite winners from the past 15 years.


To reach the final each speaker has progressed through six competitions to earn themselves a place on the final stage. They stand in front of 2000 Toastmasters to deliver their 5-7 minute speech. A speech that they hope will land them the title of World Champion of Public Speaking. Each speech and speaker has different qualities.  But they all have similarities. Each delivers a single message, with several key points reinforced by a stories. And, they are all expressive in their delivery, but in different ways to suit the speakers personal style.

Check out the simplicity of their message, and the quality of speech writing employed by each winner. Enjoy!


Which is your personal favourite? What do you like about the speeches? What don’t you like? Share your comments below.


Presiyan Vasilev (2013)

Jock Elliott (2011)

Randy Harvey (2004)

Jim Key (2003)



Darren LaCroix (2001)


Mark Kyte
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