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How you can learn with the Public Speaking Skills University

  • Self Paced Learning

    Improve your Public Speaking Skills with these targeted, self paced learning courses.

  • Coaching

    Individual or team coaching to give you maximum development in minimum time.

  • Workshops

    Interactive workshops led by our expert instructors.

Self Paced Learning

Courses you can study at your own pace and in your own time

Online Workshops

Interactive instructor led workshops

  • Successful Public Speaking

    Learn the foundation skills of public speaking. Designed for those who need to improve their confidence and public speaking skills  for their career.

  • Present to Inform

    Learn how to deliver professional presentations that inform and educate audiences. This program is designed for business professionals that deliver recommendations, reports, or updates to internal or external meetings.

  • Present to Persuade

    Learn how to prepare and deliver persuasive presentations. Designed for managers and sales professionals who need to sell ideas, products, or services to internal or external stakeholders.

  • Present to Inspire

    An advanced workshop that combines creative presentation techniques with advanced speech writing techniques. Designed for leaders who need to motivate and inspire staff or clients.


Individual Programs delivering Maximum Results

About the Public Speaking Skills University

Founded by Mark Kyte, an award winning speaker to improve the communication skills in all industries. The university provides premium training options to  suit a variety of budgets and time frames. Initially providing self paced training the university has expanded to provide interactive online workshops and coaching to help clients advance their public speaking and presentation skills.

Mark Kyte

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